Using a custom AMI with Elastic Beanstalk

Using Elastic Beanstalk is the easiest and fastest way to deploy an application on Amazon Web Services (AWS). It takes care of everything from spinning up EC2 instances, to setting up monitoring. All you need to do is pass it your application and a few details. By making things simple, there are a lot of … Read moreUsing a custom AMI with Elastic Beanstalk

Scrape the web with Goutte

A month ago’s adventures including building a web scraper. Working to a tight schedule, I poked around the tubes and decided to give Goutte a whirl. Goutte is a simple wrapper around Guzzle and a bunch of Symfony components (such as BrowserKit and DomCrawler). In theory this makes grabbing a webpage as simple as:

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Disable the JIRA reindex button

Atlassian’s issue tracker JIRA maintains file based indexes to make looking up issues faster. Certain changes (such as adding or changes custom fields) will make JIRA prompt administrators to rebuild these indexes. Unfortunately, this process makes JIRA inaccessible until it is complete (up to 20 minutes for a medium sized instance on version 5, less … Read moreDisable the JIRA reindex button